LED clothes controlled by uMyo

A project log for uMyo - wearable EMG sensor with wet/dry electrodes

single channel open source hardware wireless EMG sensor, used with a bracelet or stuck to skin directly

Olya GryOlya Gry 11/30/2022 at 13:310 Comments

When we started making uMyo, one of the concepts was relative ease of use, for a wider range of possibilities. Because EMG is often perceived as something medical, prostheses, rehabilitation. We wanted to add more variety and application possibilities for our future devices. 

Toward the end of development, we began to try to create small projects to demonstrate the possibilities of muscle control. One of the unexpected directions was this project - smart clothes. The idea of   the project is to change the LED patterns that are right on your clothes with the help of hand movements! 

The implementation is very simple, it is described in more detail here

And here is the result: 

In the future, I want to expand the functionality of movements and use triangles. So stay tuned for updates!