The Controller (aka Remote)

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Silence those annoying noisy street-racers with a push of a button

traxtrax 06/27/2022 at 10:260 Comments

I mentioned elsewhere that I will be using the Raspberry Pi in order to remotely control the device. I have a "pi hat" I designed for my previous project (it has a MAX485, a cooling fan and nRF24L01 receptable/pinheader). Of all this I will be using only the nRF24L01. I may even put the one with Power Amplifier on the Raspberry Pi.

Software for the Raspberry is written in Python and it currently contains only the test code. You can check it out in the Github repository.

I am using LeeKoq library (for the KeeLoq) and NRF24 library for the nRF24L01. The main entry point is the script.

When started, it loads the tx_counter.txt file which is used to keep track with the receiver (actually it is the other way around) and is incremented after each successful transmission. nRF24L01 has a confirmation for packet reception so I use that feature in order to not increase the synchronization counter more than required.

Note: The current does not verify the authenticity of received transmissions from the device. This will be implemented in the real program/script.