Did you all know?

Recently, there is a culture in Japan of thanking Vtubers when they sneeze.
For a long time, the culture in Japan has been to apologize when someone sneezes.
But why should idols, who work so hard to entertain us, have to apologize for sneezing?
Somewhere along the line, the kindness of the fans turned a sneeze into a signal of appreciation.(Apparently, the slang TSKR (Thank You) has spread to the English-speaking world.)

The development of Japanese culture has not been limited to that, but has also given rise to a new way to have fun: firing mist blasts at yourself in response to a Vtuber's sneeze.

I dedicate this work in honor of the community that created such a culture.
( However, this project may have been too early for humanity. )

System Configuration

Ai is created by having Teachable Machine learn the sound of sneezing from a video of sneezing created by a volunteer on YOUTUBE, and is operated using TM2Scratch and micro:bit.

No knowledge of electronics or programming is required.
↓↓ Video of how to make it↓↓

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