Universal CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission)

Mechanic CVT using oval satellites

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Fig. 1 shows three oval satellites. A is input satellite. B - intermediate. C - output one. The coefficient of transmission K doesn't depend from rotating angle alfa of satellite A. And equal to 1 everywhere. Fig. 2,3 shows dependence of K from alfa. This is constant. Fig. 4 shows satellite C rotated anti clockwise around point B up to 90°. Now, the dependence of coefficient K from alfa is shown in Fig. 5,6.
Maximal value of coefficient of transmission K is 4=2×2. And this maximum depends from angle ABC: 90°-180° continuously.
Minimal value is 1:4. It depends from ABC continuously also. But not used here. This is one phase CVT. It's no good. Because K deviates too much. Look at Fig. 5. To improve the efficiency, we add additional CVTs shifted by 90°, 45° between satellites A, A'. Satellites C, C' are connected to the output axis via freewheel drive (like bicycle drive or bendix starter drive).
This is two or four phased CVT. But more

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