My "First" Pascal Program?

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glgormanglgorman 08/18/2022 at 02:340 Comments

Well, you know what I mean.  I mean my first Pascal Program with the new compiler!  Sort of.  In any case, I am finally generating something that at least looks like a binary image, even if there are still quite a few bugs - and even that should be taken as an understatement.  Yet I am VERY close to having a p-code image that might run on genuine Apple II hardware, or on an emulator - or, wouldn't it be nice to have Apple II GS emulation on the Parallax Propeller P2?  Even though I will need to write a p-code interpreter for that, that should be pretty easy by comparison.

There is after all that other story about the other three bears.  The one that says that if a bear ever confronts you you should consider the following advice:  If there bear is brown, lay down.  If the bear is black, fight back.  If the bear is white, good night!   Remember, it's your life, and quite possibly your death. 

As I said, there is still lots of work to do, and lots of bugs, so this code is still too preliminary to assign a version number.  But you can find the code on GitHub anyway.  BE VERY AFRAID,