Evalbot I2C & Nunchuk lib

Library for Evalbot with LM3S9B92 ARM Cortex-M3 processor.

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This project aim is to control Texas Instruments development kit with a Nintendo Nunchuck controller.

I wanted to use I2CS1 module and set multiplex to work on pins PJ0 & PJ1 which are perfectly accessible in standard 2.45mm pitch. But I had no luck to initialize them so I tried to connect Wii Nunchuk to I2S0 module and pins PB2 & PB3. These pins are connected to audio codec so you have to be careful when using nunchuk and audio codec at the same time.

Near the codec are already pull-up resistors so you don't have to put extra resistors. It's also good place to solder wires if you don't have the expansion connector. PB2 & PB3 are also on expansion connector but it's hard to solder wires to it.

The I2C library is really simple and creates another layer of abstraction above StellarisWare. So you don't have to think about how many bytes you want to send and if you have to use SINGLE transfer or BULK_START, BULK_CONT, BULK_FINISH..

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