40 Pin Universal Adapter

One adapter to connect board like: Arduino Nano/pro mini/pro micro, ESP32/ESP8266 board,Bluepill, Rpi 3/4/pico, ESP01, etc. to breadboard

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40 Pin universal Adapter is a piece of hardware which helps you to connect various development boards/ breakout board/ modules to you breadboard w/o covering the other pins and w/o any wires. Various board such as Arduino Nano/pro mini/pro micro, STM32 Bluepill/black pill, some teensy board, Silicon labs thunderboard, ESP32 Board, ESP8266 Board, ESP01 (which is not breadboard friendly), Rpi pico and not only this but also you can connect Rpi 3/ 4/zero/zero W/ Zero W2.

Possibilities are endless....................
  • 5 × 2*20 Female Header
  • 1 × 2*4 Female Header
  • 2 × 1*20 Male Header

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