A project log for Saverest

Our project is to improve the density of the urban population in public transport thanks to our application which will warn users.

Riyan LOUDIYIRiyan LOUDIYI 07/05/2022 at 10:150 Comments

We started our research work together with a team meeting to be able to communicate and transmit information as efficiently as possible. We focused on a common problem which is the overcrowling of people on public transport when going to school, for example, or from point A to point B, especially during rush tour. We have established a mind mapping on the advantages and disadvantages that we encounter. At the end of this process we assigned ourselves our tasks that will respect throughout our project.

How are we going to proceed with our idea?

We needed a counter to count the number of people entering the metro. We therefore opted for the arduino for an afficient assembly.

To transmit the information of this meter we want it connected to an application, which will be accessible to customers with a telephone (android, iphone) while going through the internet.

Participation: RIYAN, JOSHUA, MEHDI