A project log for Saverest

Our project is to improve the density of the urban population in public transport thanks to our application which will warn users.

Riyan LOUDIYIRiyan LOUDIYI 07/05/2022 at 10:460 Comments

To date we wanted to resume the project that we carried out before in order to improve it.

After several discussions during our meetings. we then started with the database which seemed to be the key to our project.

A problem arose. We did not respond to the instruction given by the teacher, ie linked the IOT with the internet. Despite our reflections and our research, we decided to look into another approach. that of the city by taking everything from the beginning with a different methodology. 

- Meetings on the TEAMS application every day

- distribution of tasks for the days to come, summary of each day by the members and areas for improvement. 

We therefore studied the areas in common that posed problems to us in order to propose solutions.

We found ourselves in the area of public transport.

Participation: RIYAN, JOSHUA, MEDHI