A project log for Saverest

Our project is to improve the density of the urban population in public transport thanks to our application which will warn users.

Riyan LOUDIYIRiyan LOUDIYI 07/05/2022 at 11:070 Comments

Today we dedicated our work to programming on arduino. On 03/07 at the end of our meeting we concluded on the start of programming the arduino project all together.

To start Riyan and Joshua did research on programming on arduino, followed by tutorials. We have transcribed on a sheet everything that the counter must do step by step to be able to program it. 

Once all the steps were done, we had a team meeting to validate this one. 

We were finally able to start programming our steps on arduino. we took a lot of time on the library implemented. so we asked for help from comrades to be able to help us solve our problem. 

Once the library was completed we finalized the code.

Final meeting of the day: we absolutely had to spend more time on the presentation of our project and less on the technical aspect on which we had already made good progress.

Participation: RIYAN, JOSHUA, MEHDI