Working on the Looper

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dsagmandsagman 08/12/2022 at 01:050 Comments

I'm working on the looper. Step one is to try to get a program where I can:

  1. press a key to start recording
  2. press a key to start looping (and stop recording)
  3. press a key to stop the looping and wait to start over again at 1 with next key.

I've managed to do that here:

It was trickier than I expected. There's some oddities with the callbacks and pyo objects and the audio player not working if it was outside of the callback function. No idea why. But it works on my linux machine and now I need to get it working on the raspberry pi.

Next steps are to get it working as part of the existing pedal program and to wire it up to a button attached to a GPIO pin. I'm hoping to get an LED that blinks while recording, steady while looping, and then off when not active.

Maybe easy. maybe not so easy.