Redesigned for Pico instead of Zero 2 W

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A closed-loop spectroscopy laboratory demo using dimmable LEDs and a spectrophotometer. < $100, < 1 sq. ft, < 1 hr setup.

sterling-bairdSterling Baird 08/13/2022 at 23:270 Comments

The key difference in the switch from RPi Zero 2 W to the RPi Pico W is the Blinkt! module has been replaced by a single NeoPixel LED on a Maker Pi Pico base. The Maker Pi Pico base has Grove ports instead of Stemma-QT, so a Grove to Stemma-QT adapter is included in the parts list. 

Maker Pi Pico has an example script for the NeoPixel LED. Setup for the Pico can be found in this Adafruit guide or similar guides.