DalChrome Color Matching System

Open source color for screen, print and manufacturing.

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DalChrome is an open source alternative to other proprietary color matching systems which provides consistent colors for everyone from micro manufactures to creatives and developers. All data is available as pigment mixes, CYMK and RGB values, palette files for your software of choice and as process and spot printed swatch books in order to ensure a consistent experience for all.

This project will consist of

  • Color match swatch book 
  • Palette files for popular software
  • Pigment mixes for ink, paint and more

All have been prototyped and we are currently refining our results and formulas before we publish the swatch book and make the source public.

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adam.klotblixt wrote 07/21/2022 at 19:47 point

It'll be interesting to see what you come up with in terms of physical objects, their availability and cost. I do agree there is a need to have an open system for color matching and specification.

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DalChrome wrote 07/21/2022 at 20:27 point

It still amazes me that at least outside of Asia there are just two companies that people will either pay or take their chances when it comes to manufacturing. The cost will be surprisingly low for the book, and or course free for the data. The CMYK pages are relatively easy to manufacture at low cost and spot printing 100's of colors is a challenge, but I have found an economical solution. In terms of other physical standard items nothing I currently have planned would be expensive including extra pages, swatches and samples. I am hoping to have the books available for the early adopters by the end of the year and everyone will have access to the palettes then too.

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