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A project log for Don't ignore Open Source licenses!

Up to now, most manufacturers of laser cutters of the mid to lower price range make use of grbl, but totally ignore the GPL v3 license!

norbert-heinzNorbert Heinz 07/17/2022 at 06:420 Comments

Short after Hackaday picked up my _project_ on their blog:


I got mails from Ortur indicating that they took notice of the Hackaday blog entry. The man I was in contact with before, supported my request to open the source from the beginning, but the software headquarter had ignored us until they were informed of that new kind of _publicy_ they gained.

With that kind of tailwind, he could convince Ortur, that opening at least the grbl related stuff must be done quickly. To his mind (and mine), disclosing all of the firmware would even better, but let's start with a first step.

I got a roadmap of when the source code will get published and it will start very soon. Of course that will need to be prepared and  to make things right there is more to be done than just copy and paste code lines somewhere. Gil triggered the process and so consequently got the job to do so. Being convinced that Open Source is a good thing doesn't mean he has any experience in creating a repository in such a way, that it will be useful for the community, which indicates that there is more going on than just "we do what we were forced to do". We are now in talks on how this could / should be done.

Great news!