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Can it save audio? It can save data too!

anders-nielsenAnders Nielsen 10/16/2022 at 14:140 Comments

This weeks Hackaday podcast inconveniently gave me some extra homework, pretty close to the Hackaday Prize submission deadline. 

Since the deadline was moved up, I now only have a week to finish up the submission video and make sure I have all the technicalities in order. Last week I got the new PCBs in the mail, together with the boards for my #ABN6502 SBC R1  and magically everything seems to work as I intended. 

But back to the podcast homework - "What's that sound?" certainly sounded familiar to me so I got a reminder that I hadn't finished the code to send and detect the start and stop bits that I lazily skipped over when getting it running the first time. Whoops!

I'm not going to spoil the podcast competition but I certainly had a feeling that I would need to finish that piece of code eventually - and at least now it is ready to handle start and stop bits as well. 

We will see if my guess for this week's sound was correct when the next podcast airs :) 

Later in the coming week I'll - hopefully - post the required 2-5 minute video about this project, as well as some photos of the finished PCB.