Here is the final "Lixie"!

A project log for "Lixie", an LED alternative to the Nixie Tube

Always jealous of people who could afford big Nixie Tubes, I rolled my own alternative with WS2812Bs and laser cutting!

Connor NishijimaConnor Nishijima 01/11/2017 at 20:170 Comments

A few big things have happened, and the Lixie is better than ever!

On the left is the original Lixie you all know. On the right is the final model, with two major changes:

Originally, I doubted the brightness of engraved vs. cut acrylic, and completely cut each digit through. Unfortunately, this only worked when viewed from an angle - the numbers would almost completely disappear when viewed straight on.

Lixies are also less fragile now that each pane is a solid piece!

All of you on the waiting list or joining it going forward will be receiving this better version, of course!

Software Updates

A wonderful help in the development process, David Madison teamed up with me to deliver an amazing Arduino library for Lixie Displays. Most of the awesome features are in the changelog, but here's some of the most important additions:

The biggest addition David brought was removing the need for a config.h file to define constants. Now that are set from inside the sketch!

#include "Lixie.h" // Include Lixie Library

#define DATA_PIN   13
#define NUM_LIXIES 2

long count = 0;

void setup() {
  lix.begin(); // Initialize LEDs

void loop() {
You can also have multiple different sets of Lixie displays on a single Arduino that can be separately written to.

Release Update

Everything is still on schedule for a January release! I'll be ordering 32 units to start, and another 32 immediately after! Feel free to hop on the waiting list to get one on release! :) Thank you again guys for the awesome support and David for all the great pull requests!

- Connor