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A project log for Vulcan Scanner

Dome-shaped sensor with a triangular handle distinguished by a silver-colored readout portion and a blue handle with black grips

LeonardLeonard 09/11/2022 at 11:540 Comments

I looked around to see who, ever, in all of history, may have been mad enough to have modelled a vulcan scanner.

Yeah, I found exactly 1. 

( No, correction, I found a couple more, they are here:

and on thingyverse )

I went for this one.

It nicely shows the front, but I really want see how this person imagined the bulky round readout section from the side.

Now I could ofcourse buy this model for several pieces of money...So I did.

Quite bulky indeed!, imagine that the Vulcans were doing scans in space for a long time already, way before humans joined the warp highways. Anyway it is as it is.

Thanks kei2000 for your model so we can have a sneak peek.

I'll still model and build my own though.

On the modelling side of things.. well, that requires a new project log entry. Soon.