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Trying to fit video game(s) into 1kB without blowing up a TV.

marsMars 12/30/2016 at 22:031 Comment

I depend on my old K6-2 linux machine to program by Attiny chips through its parallel port. The old AT (not-X) power supply has failed. I borrowed the power supply out of my trusty DOS machine. My workspace is quite the mess at the moment.

But everything is back in working order!

I suppose I should buy a proper USB AVR programmer. But, that's no fun :-)


Starhawk wrote 03/14/2019 at 04:32 point

I know I'm more than two years too late -- but -- last I heard, Newegg still had one AT form factor supply model on hand, an Athena Power unit. It's... okay. The quick disconnect connectors for the power switch have a habit of removing the contacts from my (very old) system's switch, but those contacts seem to reinsert just fine. Also if you're a fan of physically heavy power supplies like me, prepare for massive disappointment, it weighs as much as the sheet metal case :(

But it /does/ work, and it has P8/P9 connectors ;)

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