• Hear the pain of your punching bag

    Swaleh Owais08/19/2022 at 06:54 0 comments

    I put a small speaker and accelerometer inside of my punching bag. Now whenever I punch it, it screams accordingly!

  • Piston with more power

    Swaleh Owais07/19/2022 at 06:03 0 comments

    I got a bigger tank! Right now I am only using 60 PSI out of 150 PSI, and it seems to be making a bigger impact.

    One thing I am debating now is how to retract the glove once it is launched. I am thinking I can machine a small hole in the barrel that can wind back the projectile. Hopefully this hole doesn't reduce the punching power by too much!. 

  • Moving up

    Swaleh Owais07/18/2022 at 06:21 0 comments

    According to my rough calculation, I wneed 1000 PSI for a 1/2in diameter piston to have force that is equivalent to a human punch.

    That's probably kind of dangerous, so I am going to test a 150 PSI tank instead. This will be four times stronger than my last tank. Should be coming tomorrow so I am excited to try it out!

  • Piston Test 1

    Swaleh Owais07/17/2022 at 09:18 0 comments

    Dust taped a PVC piston to my air compressor. Here is the result at 20ish PSI. The max PSI of tank is 45PSIish so I hope that is enough to really make the glove go flying!