The spice to reach for in a pinch

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We've all been there; Aunt Margareth cooked a big casserole of stew for the family get-together, but it's so salty you can feel your arteries tightening with each spoonful. Maybe the fast-food place put too much salt on your fries, or the restaurant didn't water the salted meat for long enough. In any case, it's difficult to enjoy food that's too salty. Either the food goes uneaten, causing waste; or it's eaten, causing discomfort and health issues.
Anti-salt will be the spice to rescue these meals!

By hindering tastebuds from percieving the salty taste, and hindering the gastrointestinal tract (gut) from absorbing the sodium, it reduces the salty taste as well as reducing sodium uptake in the body.

I claim no particular expertise in the fields of biology or chemistry. I'd appreciate discussion on the topic to determine feasibility and the best way forward. As I contribute this idea freely, I ask that anyone who makes something based on this id

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