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A project log for $5 DNA Replicator

The one of the most revolutionary inventions of the 20th Century, designed for DIY gene replication.

DavidDavid 09/16/2014 at 17:020 Comments

I have the cheap version PCR machine completed, so here is the new parts list:

3.3V RegulatorMCP1700T-3302E/MB$0.37
2x 0.4C Temp sensorsLMT86QDCKTQ1$0.60
2x 11W 10ohm heating resistorsSBCHE1110RJ$0.78
2x 4A N-MosfetsTSM2310CX$0.80
Capacitors and Resistorsvarious$0.50
aluminium extrusionas described$0.50
12MHZ crystalXTAL003210- HC49/4HSMX$0.27
USB mini connector$0.45
Custom 2-layer PCB

purchased in bulk


The parts are commonly available and prices are good estimates for buying at single quantities You will just need a 9V 3A power supply to complete the project. That's a sum total of just $7.32, if you are buying single parts. 

Moving to an ATTINY design would save about a dollar, and hand soldering on a 5x7cm perfboard a further 40 cents, lowering the cost to about $5.92, which I'll hope you will allow me to round down to the target price of $5 :) However, sticking with a custom PCB and buying a batch to make 100+ PCR machines, the price starts approaching $4.