List of items used:

MLX90614ESF-DCI or MLX90614ESF-BCI temperature sensor module:
Search MLX90614ESF on Aliexpress ~$47 (DCI version) or ~$37 (BCI version)

Arduino UNO (or equivalent) - $5
Arduino case with battery compartment - $6.5

Servo motor (medium) - $11
Servo Motor (Large) - $13

Laser Card Module - $8 (may be substituted for the laser pointer):
Search for the module on AliExpress, the module on Sparkfun

Microsoft LifeCam VX-700 Webcam

Pan and Tilt Kit (2 coordinates) Lynxmotion Pan and Tilt Kit:
Aliexpress $5-7, $9.95, $9.95

Assembly of the thermal imaging camera

1. First place the Arduino board in the housing with the battery compartment
2. Using super glue or epoxy, fix the servo motor in the empty space in front of the Arduino.
3. Place the second servomotor into the rotary and secure the entire structure to the servomotor.
4. now, you need to connect the MLX90614 to the Arduino. To do this, connect Ground to GND, Vin to 3.3V, SDA to pin 4, and SCL to pin 5. Also, install a 4.7 kOhm resistor from SDA to 3.3V and a second one from SCL to 3.3V. See the diagram below.

5. Connect a Laser Card or laser pointer. The laser is needed so that you can see where the thermal imager is currently scanning.
6. Afterwards, mount the webcam and orient it exactly with the IR sensor and the laser so that they are pointing at the same point. This completes the assembly of the thermal imaging camera.

This project was created during my online education on this platform.