Open Source Agriculture Monitoring, Outdoor and Weather Hardened for All Climates

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This is a heavily Streamlined , heavily open source, easy to make DIY version of all my Agriculutre tech and related projects over the years. The focus is about givng you the tools to build a system to produce food for your survival in a quick and low cost way with minimal challenge, to that end general specs as follows:

- Based off of off-the-shelf hardware w/ minimal custom PCBs

- Based on ESP32-Dev Modules and available breakouts

- GPL V3 open source all software

- CERN Open hardware licesne for all hardware no commercial allowed period

Fundamental Circuit Kit (FCK) - The building blocks of the farm system, each one has a special purpose and function within the system.

FCK-LRY - This module is for nutrient mixing and delivery, it mixes up various vertilizers and/or Ph balance solutuions and injects it into the reservoir or irrigation supply.

FCK-NAT - This module is for sensing temperature and humidity in a given area, the range and accuracy is yet to be determined based on off the shelf sensor options.

FCK-MRC -This module is for switching lights and running light timing programs, just a fancy relay switcher for big plant lights.

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Arya wrote 08/27/2022 at 11:54 point

ah nice, as they say, "it's all coming together"! do add more info, pictures and the like!

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