Juicing up the ISI-100A Scanning Electron Microscope - Power Supplies

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You read that right.

Adam GuilmetAdam Guilmet 12/26/2016 at 03:430 Comments

Looks I've stacked quite the array of old power supplies here! Coincidentally, I've got the same high-voltage power supply Ben Krasnow used in his SEM build (3rd from the top.) I think all these should cover the various lower voltage supplies I'll be needing. I've got a power supply for the filament heater, the physical vapor deposition rig (that's going to be a separate project unto itself), the photomultiplier tube, and the Everhart-Thornley detector's grid. The 10 kV phosphor screen supply is still needed, but I've building that one. Next up is the 30kV acceleration supply...