Turning the ProArm Into a Bartender

A project log for A '90s Robot Hacked Back

The ‘92 Marcraft RS2200 ProArm is hacked back to life by enabling it to be programmed from any everyday laptop.

lmbluejayLmBlueJay 07/24/2022 at 05:330 Comments

With the parallel port emulator hooked up, the possibilities for this robot are wide open. Which is amazing!! 

I have chosen to program this robot to be a bartender. I have included some photos of the  conceptual representations of this idea. 

My ultimate goal is to be able to send drink orders to the robot through the internet. In other words, people could order their drink from a website on their phone and the robot will prepare it for them. 

Connecting this ProArm to the internet raises some complexity. To achieve this I will connect the Arduino to a RaspberryPi. The RaspberryPi will host a website locally on my wifi. More scripts will be needed to initiate a specific set of moves for the robot to make to prepare the wifi-ordered drink. 

To start I will just have the robot pour sodas. To do this, the following hardware is necessary: a drink preparation table, a sensor to detect the presence of a cup, a trash can for waste, and of course the sodas!