The Enigma Z30 has been resurrected in 460 bytes (610 total) of 6502 code

A project log for Mystery 6502 program for the Kim Uno #1kBChallenge

The #1kBChallenge inspired me to dust off the Kim-Uno and write an Enigma Z30 simulator. This is a very rare numbers only Enigma Machine.

Arduino EnigmaArduino Enigma 12/11/2016 at 15:390 Comments

Follow the instructions below to get your very own Enigma Z30 machine.

The code above uses SCANDS to display numbers and GETKEY to read the keyboard. Those routines and their dependencies have been listed below and clock in at 150 bytes long. Thus the total byte count for this program when we add the program and the ROM routines it uses is 610 bytes, well below the 1024 limit for this contest.

Title Start End Size
AK 1EFE 1F02 4
ONEKEY 1F02 1F19 23
SCANDS 1F1F 1F48 41
CONVD 1F48 1F63 27
GETKEY 1F6A 1F91 39
TABLE 1FE7 1FF7 16
Total 150