Arduino UNO Implementation

A project log for Mystery 6502 program for the Kim Uno #1kBChallenge

The #1kBChallenge inspired me to dust off the Kim-Uno and write an Enigma Z30 simulator. This is a very rare numbers only Enigma Machine.

Arduino EnigmaArduino Enigma 12/26/2016 at 14:380 Comments

Now that the Excel Paper Model and the KIM Uno version are working and producing the same results, here is a third implementation to make experimenting with this machine more accessible to everybody,

This program is not part of the #1kBChallenge.

To use it, open a Serial Monitor.

Send ! and and any combination of 1,2,3 to set the wheel type and their position.

Send @ and four numbers to set the ring settings

Send # and four numbers to set the visible wheel position.

The set commands can be concatenated to set the whole key at once.

After !,@ or # receive the required digits, the current key will be shown.

Send a number and it will be encrypted with the current machine settings.

For example:

1111 encrypts it with the current machine settings

!312 sets the wheels to 3,1,2

@1111 sets the ring settings to 1111

#6789 sets the wheel positions to 6789

!312@1111#6789 sets the whole key.

1111 encrypts it with the key set on the step before.

$ prints the current key, will print 03+01+02+01+01+01+01+06+07+08+09 the sequence to enter in the KIM Uno at address 0050 to configure the machine