v2.0 Released. Has lever and gear stepping.

A project log for Mystery 6502 program for the Kim Uno #1kBChallenge

The #1kBChallenge inspired me to dust off the Kim-Uno and write an Enigma Z30 simulator. This is a very rare numbers only Enigma Machine.

Arduino EnigmaArduino Enigma 03/26/2017 at 16:440 Comments

After realizing two different types of machines were created, the code was modified to implement both. The original machine had a lever stepping mechanism. This is a simpler mechanism to implement, but it has a double stepping anomaly, Any wheel showing 9 will step that wheel and the wheel to its left. Later machines were created with geared stepping. This behaves like a car odometer and no numbers are skipped. The settings menu was changed to allow the stepping setting to be changed as well. The program was aggressively optimized. The enigma machine code with the added features shrank when compared to v1. When the settings menu is added, the code only grew by 11 bytes.

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