Lots and Lots and Lots of Fake v9958

A project log for Baffa-X: MSX1 Compatible Computer

Project codename "Baffa-X" is a set of boards to make a MSX1 Clone for Baffa-2 Homebrew Computer

augusto-baffaAugusto Baffa 03/25/2023 at 23:410 Comments

Hi folks, 

 bad news. The retro market is flooded by rebranded v9958  fake chips. I bought six already from different Aliexpress stores and all came with the same serial and "notch".  As we know, the package of yamaha v9958 has no notch. (Example on figure bellow)

For while, I tried those six I received from Aliexpress stores. All have the same code and manufacturing date:

 It seems that the are rebranding "toshiba" 64 pin ics like 68000 or 1253. Compare for yourself....

Unfortunately, this is leading to a price dispute and ruining the MSX2+ spare parts market. And this project is stopped waiting for a part that works.

My first v9958 was about 10 usd on august, 2022. ... Today (march, 2023) I got a quote of 111 usd from utsource.