An upcycling project to get your cassettes back from the basement into your livingroom.

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This lamp is a little homage to the time when music was not on a 512GB micro SD card but in the form of audio cassettes. 

I thought it was a shame to let the old cassettes gather dust in a box in the basement and made a small decorative lamp out of them. With the help of a few #WS2812 LEDs, an ESP8266 and an old USB power supply unit, the pxlBlck_CassetteLamp can be built. 

With the help of the pxlBlck plug-in (infos here:, the lamp also gets a few SmartHome functions and can thus also inform about events in your SmartHome. In addition to the setting options via WiFi, the lamp can also be adjusted with the help of a pen - just as the cassette tape salad used to be wound up. 

You can find the build instructions of the current project state including a list of needed materials and detailed pictures on my blog at

Infos about the pxlBlck Project:


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  • Two ways to rule it

    Fab07/24/2022 at 09:45 0 comments

    To control the cassette Lamp you can choose between two options.

    The (from my point of view) coolest option is to control the brightness and color of the lamp using two rotary encoders that are installed in that way that they can be accessed via a pencil from the outside. 

    An example of this is shown here:

    The other way to control it is via an APDS-9960 gesture sensor that is installed in the inside of the lamp. This way the lamp can be controlled by specific hand gestures. Sadly this does not work reliable in all lightning conditions.

  • Instructions for alternative wodden base

    Fab07/24/2022 at 09:22 0 comments

    As an alternative to the 3D printed base you can also build a wodden base. All the instructions are summarized in the linked video. :)

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