I have had the case designed and laser cut to 0.25mm of tolerance and then folded and welded into shape. Ultimately the case will be an off white textured finish.

The A-Pet cases are now at prototype stage, we even have gas struts to life the upper section as the case as a whole is very heavy.

A 14 inch IPS monitor with remote control, 15 watt stereo speakers in the cases head unit. triple selection hdmi switch box with controls on the head unit and RGB to hdmi are now fitted providing an easy input selection for screen modes.

Steven Jones from checkmate has offered his help in powering the Amiga version with his ATx to Zorro adapter. Ide connection is handled by the Buddha controller from Individual computers, this in turn controls the DVD player.

I think the Amiga case is almost complete, now work moves to the PC version…

the plan is to have Amiga , PC, Mister and a general IO friendly case available for sale before the end of the year. 

Future plans are being worked on but these are currently on a bit of a hold until this first phase is rolled out. 

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