• Improvements

    Apollo Timbers07/29/2022 at 12:00 0 comments

    I went though the design and made little improvements. Mostly I added a wire guide path though the robots chassis plates and a way to screw down the middle deck. I then also raised the lower deck supports to make more room to get to the toggle switch. 

    I re-printed all the parts and then reassembled the robot with the modifications. The middle deck with the battery tie down Velcro was the coolest add to this build and overall the robot looks much cleaner and refined. 

    I had a idea on how I could steal him away from the kid and put him to work in the lab as well. I was thinking well I could add a flashing yellow latching button on a rod facing up in the air and have a electro magnet on the bottom. I could then "activate" him and he would do a little search pattern and pick up all the screws or metal bits I dropped. 

  • Dug up form the past

    Apollo Timbers07/27/2022 at 01:38 0 comments

    This guy was designed at the end of 2021 with Autodesk Fusion 360. He did not take too long to put together though often now days I'm waiting for all the parts to show up. At first I had issues with the ultrasonic so I ended up soldering them, this resolved the errors I was seeing. He was first controlled with a Micro:bit v1 and then I had to wait quite a long time to get my hands on the v2 version. 

    He is quite a compact robot and has a pretty powerful speaker on-board. Future enhancements I'd like to get to are below. 

    1. A way to monitor the battery voltage (resistor divider circuit and some programming)
    2. A better battery mount for the pack 
    3. A good solid mount for the speaker