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DIY smart bike trainer with "virtal ride" capability

Richard DeiningerRichard Deininger 12/02/2016 at 07:510 Comments

So lets do some hardware stuff.

To change the resistance on the bike trainer I had to "update" the bowden cable parts.

I didn't want to destroy the old system so I manufatured my bowden cable, from some bike break cables and a nail. It's a bit more rigit due to the thickness, but this will help during "push and pull" of the servo.

Manifacturing my own bowden cable

This new cable was then fixed on the eddy current brake (this part previously had a spring, but the servo can push and pull the cable,... so no need for it).

Here my first test fit.

The insides

And the first test fit with everything put back together.

For testing I used an remote control and found that the servo needed more power.

Dry test with RC

Next thing to do was to build a servo fixture.

So I bent and tack welded some angle steel I had around the shop.
(I know,... I need more practice welding)

servo fixture

Finally some holes and threading for the servo and the new servo arm with the correct length.

Fitting the servo

Last check back with the plans.

Plans and IRL

And one last (blurry) picture with everything put back together.

Everything put together