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DIY smart bike trainer with "virtal ride" capability

Richard DeiningerRichard Deininger 12/14/2016 at 08:260 Comments

More hardware,... for now.

I thought about using my ANT+ sensors to calculate my speed/distance, but my garmin hub sensor only works accuratly when combined with GPS sinc I'll be training in the basementon, on a "stationary bike" .... no GPS data for me.

Therefore I built a sensor to get the data I need.

I'm using the the flywheel from the bike trainer and a CNY70 (Reflectic Optical Sensor) to calculate my speed and travelled distance.

Here, my "minimal-invasive" version of a sensor fixture.

First test on how and where to put the sensor. I'm shooting from the hip here,... (no plan made previously)

Sawing and bending the aluminium profile

Drilling and cutting the thread on the counterpart

Finding the right position

a little bit of hot glue to position the sensor

fine tuning for minimal distance