First Stacking results (Not Great but I'm Learning)

A project log for Microscope fiber optic lighting rig (version 2)

Custom lighting for a inverted microscope to successfully photograph and analyze non transparent macro objects using fiber optic wire.

Zachary MarlowZachary Marlow 08/10/2022 at 13:050 Comments

These were made using 5 different photos, The seed in the photo is the broccoli seed, I'm going to try a non-spherical seed to see if I can get better results. I'm still happy with the results and that I started with a difficult seed structure. More to come soon but I consider this project a success because of these results. 

The software I used for the stacking was Picolay and if you are interested in Focus stacking, I would recommend checking it out, it's very easy to use and its open source and free.

Here are the photos that are going to be processed: 

Here are the results :