Lighting setup

A project log for Microscope fiber optic lighting rig (version 2)

Custom lighting for a inverted microscope to successfully photograph and analyze non transparent macro objects using fiber optic wire.

Zachary MarlowZachary Marlow 08/10/2022 at 14:060 Comments

Just noticed I never showed how the actual fiber optics are being light up, I tried finding the smallest flashlights could and I think they work awesome. They were a tad expensive coming in at $14 a piece but they work very nice. 

They are mounted in place using a drop of superglue and the end comes off so I can still change the batteries when that day comes.  The fiber optics and flashlight are connected using a 3d printed tube. Luckily the diameter of the fiber optic bundle and the flashlight were the same which made the process very easy.