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A project log for Mr Pancake

Making a pancake printer with no planning ahead whatsoever

Nikolai OvesenNikolai Ovesen 02/06/2017 at 13:270 Comments

As yesterdays post was mostly just me being extatic of something working I thought I'd add a bit more content today, I'm not the best when it comes to taking pics underway but here are some:

Gear mounted on the drive shaft and the ball bearing is pushed in place so that I can simply slide the whole thing into the mount, also, spot the set-screw in the gear, pretty pleased with how neat this turned out.

And here the drive shaft is mounted in place, it doesn't come out too well in this picture but the clearance between the gear and the adjacent wall is absolutely marginal, I wish I could lie and say it is me being incredibly accurate but that would just be pure BS and you'd all see through that after all the stupid fails I've done in this project.

And here the whole gear assembly is in place, spot the washers on the drive shaft used as spacers just so that everything stays in place, classy mechanics all the way here.

And as a bonus:


As a memory of every stupid decision I have made and every failed print that has happened I have collected the pieces in a box, its a nice demonstration on how much work it has been making this thing if I ever bring this to a Maker Faire or similar and it reminds me to measure twice, print once, of course I don't think enough and thus the pile will most likely keep on growing.