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Making a pancake printer with no planning ahead whatsoever

Nikolai OvesenNikolai Ovesen 02/07/2017 at 20:000 Comments

I'm working my way towards the business end of the machine, yesterday my friend and fellow Hackerspace member Runar( cut out some plexi glass pieces for the carriage that will carry the nozzle, I don't think the plastic I picked up in a rush was the kind you should use in a laser cutter, there was a lot of smoke even with the extractor fan on, it smelled absolutely dreadful and I'm pretty sure I'd get a DUI if a police officer pulled me over when I drove home, the result looks sick though, can't wait until we've scraped together some more funds to get one at Hackheim.

Hopefully I'll get the little pieces needed to mount this on the bearings done tomorrow, then I can start figuring out how to control this machine and if it works as it is supposed to at all