A New Initiative for Open Source GPU ISA

Design a open source GPU ISA from scratch

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Since start of July I was thinking about open source GPU. I searched around internet about it & I found some (Nyuzi, Vortex etc.) but they are either experimental or just made for academic purpose. As this is a mammoth task I would like to invite you all to contribute to the project.

The Goal of Project is simple 1] Design A complete Open Source Commercial grade GPU ISA
from Scratch with a compiler strictly in adherence with ISA.
2] No actual hardware in HDL will be built (Just like risc v).

As IEEE 754 floating point number have notorious for their shenanigan's perhaps we can take advantage of posits which have shown quite leap in performance or else we can design our own floating point format if necessary, I think in this project we can learn a lot and will be excellent learning opportunity.

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