LRMS Monitoring Station R1 - Operating Status 8/19/2022

A project log for LoRa End Node & Remote Monitoring System

A LoRa remote solar powered monitoring system designed to be as flexible as possible and connect to a variety of sensors/sensor modules

jstuartjstuart 08/19/2022 at 22:110 Comments

Revision 1 of the LRMS monitoring station has been continuously operating outdoors for 8 months beginning January 2022. The sensors for the station are the usual temperature and humidity sensors found on many projects but I added a UV sensor to make the R1 station more unique and test the hardware and software.

Here are a couple of screen shots showing the data collected from LRMS R1

The sensors used are a DS18B20 temperature probe, Si7021 temperature and humidity sensor, and a LTR390 UV sensor in a PVC T pipe fitting.

UV & Humidity Sensor Module

The UV sensor has a 20mm x 20mm fused silica window epoxied in front of the LTR390 sensor (right side of photo)
to protect from weather and for maximum transmission of UV to sensor.

The Si7021 located inside of PVC L fitting.

The DS18B20 is a water proof module and is shielded from direct solar exposure with a PVC pipe section.

March 15 2022 14:50PST

August 05 2022 14:19 PDT