Planned sensores to use are:

- 2x Floor sensor (Fotoresistor)

- 1x Humidity/Temperature sensor

- 1x sound sensor

- 3x IR sensor (obstacle from 3 directions

- 1x MPU motion sensor (For precise turns eventually)

Planned actuators are:

- 2 hacked servos (actually 180 but now 360) No speed control...

- 1 piezo buzzer

- Neopixel Led ring.

The actual code (firmware) will be a software simulated interrupt of the sensores.

Which periodically looks up next "command" executes it.

I need to assign color + position of the ring (perfect also to teach radial coordinates? ;) ) to the modes/sensores/actuators. etc.

it will be a lot of work, but come on, it's for a kid's smile.