Why why why i2c

A project log for Floating Navigation Sensor Assembly

(it's a gimbal) with OpenCV/range scanning and IMU for navigating a wireless robot by API

Jacob David C CunninghamJacob David C Cunningham 08/06/2022 at 04:000 Comments

I got the body finally assembled. After reprinting the wish bone deal... and also the stand.

I need to learn how to take pictures... I want to set aperture but the coloration is bad.

I cleaned it up though.

Went from all that to this.

Ahh... anyway I gotta build the tail dragger robot tomorrow.

I've been enjoying this little Chromebook though I got it for $50

Oh yeah, the issue with i2c is I only tested it on bus 1 not 0. So when I plugged the MPU6050 into 0, it was not working well. 1 seemed more reliable so I moved it over there. But the MPU is still not reliable... it will work like 20% of the time.... to fully dump the info from it. So idk, I will need to work on that, otherwise the NED feedback loop to keep it upright won't work or at least I need to run it once every so often to level it with the horizon.