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A project log for Floating Navigation Sensor Assembly

(it's a gimbal) with OpenCV/range scanning and IMU for navigating a wireless robot by API

Jacob David C CunninghamJacob David C Cunningham 08/10/2022 at 02:270 Comments

Well... I didn't want to screw around with learning SPI and figuring out how to write one specifically for the Seeeduino... so I massacred my boi... I put an MPU9250 in there. Which didn't quite fit so I had to cut some plastic out. I'll update the STL/designs for this change. This also means the center line of the IMU is not exact... but compounding sources of errors... (shrug). It's still a plane so the tilt should be valid... It's also off for panning. But I can fix all this with software offset. What's not great is the connection is not immediately guaranteed so idk... ugh. It sucks... need to build better hardware.

Yeah it's odd... it is not there on boot and takes a few tries but once it gets going it is able to keep running which is the issue I care about the most.

Anyway I can move forward with this. I'll write some start up try catch checks to make sure everything's running.