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A project log for Floating Navigation Sensor Assembly

(it's a gimbal) with OpenCV/range scanning and IMU for navigating a wireless robot by API

Jacob David C CunninghamJacob David C Cunningham 08/13/2022 at 18:230 Comments

Nothing like coffee and programming a severed robot head. It is pretty cool wirelessly programming it as opposed to Arduino.

So I'm still cruising along writing small snippets for things I need before I put together the whole "system". Which I still don't have a concrete plan for yet.

So far I have:

There's still a lot to do namely with the actual slam/navigation part.

Then I'll just refine those parts over time/have a web interface that shows the progress of it navigating/what it mapped.

So I think next update will be first crude navigation system with running processes (lies Aug 17, 2022).