Outdoor Silent Wireless Laser Tripwire

Design and build a laser tripwire system that can be set up outdoors for extended periods of time triggering a silent alarm.

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This system could be set up in the area surrounding a home or other location as a perimeter alarm. It would need to survive outdoors, rain or shine, as well as be able to last for long periods of time without having extensive wiring to electrical sources that could be faulty or fail over time. One idea to do this would be to have a power transfer through the laser to the laser receiver. I don't know if this is actually possible, but I am currently researching it and I am very open to new ideas or suggestions. I understand that systems like this exist, but I would like to design a simple design that is very hardy. Additionally, it should be able to signal silently to a computer if it has been tripped. From there the computer could trigger alarms, cameras, or something else, but for the sake of this project, I am focusing on the hardware aspect for now.

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