Using jumper wires to avoid soldering SMD components

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I'm using an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi to turn a Brother AX-25 typewriter into a fully-functional Linux terminal

RileyRiley 09/25/2022 at 23:340 Comments

I like to think I'm pretty good at soldering, but these tiny multiplexers were an absolute pain to work with. Luckily for me, I broke one of them, so I can't use them anymore!

To make my life easier, I decided to wire up the multiplexers I used in the breadboard prototype with a bunch of jumper wires.

ImageThe multiplexers' channel pins are connected to the columns and rows of the keyboard's matrix, and I went through the PCB blueprint to find which pads to solder the wires to. I still need to wire up the rest of the columns and the control pins for the second multiplexer.

Wiring up the typewriter control multiplexers should be much easier, hopefully. I'm going to solder some headers onto the nano, and use some jumpers wires to connect the multiplexers.