On the home stretch!

A project log for 80s Typewriter Linux Terminal

I'm using an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi to turn a Brother AX-25 typewriter into a fully-functional Linux terminal

rileyRiley 09/30/2022 at 23:060 Comments

I did another livestream on Monday where I continued wiring up the multiplexers

Once I got the keyboard multiplexers all wired up, the keyboard worked perfectly after some debugging!

I finally got my custom mechanical keyboard for my typewriter working with my @arduino! Still have to iron out a bunch of issues but it’s getting there
— Artillect (@ArtillectYT) September 28, 2022

I the next day, I decided I'd work without streaming so I could get more done, and I got the typewriter multiplexers wired up!

After that, I put the keycaps on and put the top shell of the typewriter back on!

You can see my typewriter in action in this tweet I posted on Twitter

I just put the keycaps on my typewriter’s new keyboard and closed it up! Still have to figure out where exactly I’m gonna fit the @arduino and @Raspberry_Pi but I’m almost done!
— Artillect (@ArtillectYT) September 30, 2022