Do I have enough knowledge to make a difference?  If not, can I gather and organize it to make a difference?  If not, are there people who are not working together I could help?  Make them more efficient.  Systems that need changing?  Related things that a slowing things down?

I have worked professionally on global climate change off and on since about 1990, and studied meteorology and climate modeling from the mid 1970s. It is a classic global problem. In the past 24 years, with the Internet Foundation, I include "climate change" with its 890 Million entry points (Google, 3 Aug 2022) in my global issues. The issue is large, but not impossible to manage.

If groups try to do little things within their budgets and resources, they usually pick things that others have tried. Or they create something that, for them, is new. I see the whole Internet, all issues and efforts. Organizations mostly do not know how to create sustainable projects. Do not know how to gather and organize a clear picture of the problem. The problem is not there are no solutions. Little projects have a place in the whole. Individuals can affect the whole.