Here are the robot experiment videos:

SCALER can run at comparable normalized velocity to other state-of-art quadruped robots such as Spot or Anymal. SCALER's payload capacity is over double its weight. SCALER is one of the most mechanically efficient quadrupeds. 

List of experiments:

  1. Ground tests, max velocity, and max payload.
  2. Vertical wall climbing test with suspended payload
  3. Ceiling walk overhung climbing
  4.  Bouldering wall climbing

Climbing videos are sped up by 5 times (actual climbing time is about one minute) since the conference video needed to be one minute. The biggest constraint in the climbing speed is the gripper which takes 8 sec to fully open and close. 

This SCALER was entirely designed on Fusion 360 and machined in-house using F360 CAM. More details will be on the log soon!


Upcoming posts:

  • Design Details
  • Manufacturing Details (CNC machining, 3D printing)
  • Software/Mapping