Minimal concept

A project log for Jelly

A minimal DIY 8-bit CPU made with TTL chips, to perform native brainfu*k language, extended to use three sequential access tapes.

Alvaro BarcellosAlvaro Barcellos 08/13/2022 at 23:440 Comments

Jelly no have counters or ALU, but have excellent memory.

In Jelly, only one byte value can be accessed a time.

Then Jelly have now 3 modules:

1. Code: with one 74hc574, one at28c16, one 74HC193, some TTLs for clock

2. Data: with two 74hc574, two at28c16

3. Control: with two 74hc574, two at28c16

No more.

the eeprom at28c16 is just 2k x 8 bits, no need more.

(but need some extra logic chips for flags.)